Booking a Disco? Here are some useful tips

For many people booking a mobile disco is a new experience and often a daunting task. Like every other trade there are good and bad, experienced and cowboy DJs advertising in newspapers, on the internet, in telephone directories and in newsagents windows. How do you know which one to choose for your function?

1. Make sure the DJ you choose is suitable

Not all DJ’s are suitable for all types of functions or even venues. For example, if you are celebrating your 40th birthday would you want an 18 year old DJ turning up with nothing but chart songs? On the other hand if you are celebrating your 18th do you want a DJ in his late 40’s playing Abba and the Nolan’s all night? It is also important to ensure that the DJ you are booking has sufficient equipment for the size of the venue.

2. Get what you pay for

The next thing to look at is the price of your DJ. We know from experience the costs involved in putting on a function of any kind. For example weddings, you spend a fortune on hiring the right venue, then there’s the flowers, the dress, the suits, the food, the cars, it’s endless. At the end of day its time to relax with your friends and family and have a good old party. What you don’t want is some untidy bloke and his girlfriend in the corner with a couple of flashing lights and sound system that hurts your ears when he turns it up. What a way to finish off a great day.

What I am saying is don’t think the cheapest quote you get, will be of the same standard as the higher quotes, it won’t. Many DJ’s are just running a mobile disco for fun and a bit of cash, others are professional with lots of experience. The prices DJs charge reflects the quality of the equipment, sound quality, range of music and standard and experience of the DJ. The truth is a professional dj cost will be upwards of £200.

3. Always ask your mobile DJ if they have PLI and PAT certificates

The next point is safety, all reputable DJ’s will carry public liability insurance, this is an insurance cover for you guests if there is any sort of accident involving the DJ or his equipment, it also covers any damage to the venue caused by the DJ. An average cover would be for around £2 million. This really is essential for peace of mind. All professional DJ’s will also have their equipment PAT tested, this is a way of ensuring that all the electrical equipment used is safe and tested by a qualified electrician. Some venues may insist on this.

4. Always get written confirmation from your DJ

The most important point of all is to ensure that your DJ gives you a contract. This is as much for your peace of mind as anything else. The contract should clearly state the DJ’s name, address, fee, playing times, arrival times, venue address, type of function and your details. Make sure that the contract is legal and binding and signed by the DJ. We are forever getting calls from people who have been let down at the last minute.

5. Talk to your DJ

Finally, you can often get a good feel as to whether a DJ is suitable for your function by your initial conversation. Ensure that the DJ asks you lots of questions about your function, such as age group, music requirements, how many guests, size of venue etc. If the DJ doesn’t ask these questions, he won’t have enough information on your requirement to enable him to do a good job for you?

At Discos UK we make sure that we supply you with right DJ for your function, we are always at the end of the phone to offer you advice and help.

6. Back-ups ‘in case of’?

Does the mobile DJ have back-up equipment in the unlikely event that anything packs in on the night? I say ‘unlikely’: if they’re professional, they’ll use pro equipment and this tends to be very sturdy and not given to blowing up at a moment’s notice.

However, a less than professional DJ, the kind that are just in it for the beer money, will use very substandard equipment, even (I hate to say) CD players such as you’d find in your average home hi-fi system.

What happens if the DJ is taken ill on or before the date of your event? Do they have a plan for making sure another suitable DJ will do the job?

Discos UK will always have a back-up system in place we will NOT let you down your special occasion is vital to us.

7. Quality promo and websites?

A quick word about mobile DJ websites…

If you’re browsing the web for a professional mobile disco service, you can tell a lot from a company’s website.

  • Is it simple to navigate?
  • Is the information clear and simple to understand?
  • How’s the spelling and grammar?

Maybe these seem like minor points, but a sloppily designed website could be an indication of a less-than-professional outfit.

8. General attitude…

Ok, some very quick things to bear in mind…

  • Does the person you’re speaking with seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their work?
  • Do they appear to be listening attentively to your requirements and asking appropriate questions?
  • Do you get good ‘vibes’ from the company? (Trust your instincts)
  • Can they put you in touch with previously satisfied customers?

9. The price gives you a clue!

In closing, please do not skimp on price when it comes to hiring a disco.

Any professional who meets all the above criteria won’t come cheap, and I wouldn’t hire them if they did.

Price can depend on location, but don’t expect to pay less than £200 for a 4-5 hour show. Any less than £200 and I’d be seriously concerned that they weren’t entirely legal!